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Who Really Reads Strat-o-Blogster? #1

Favorite Guitar Blog

(photo by Roger Ballen from his book Platteland)

Kicking off a new series here. "Who Really Reads Stratoblogster". Just another way to help connect our fine readership. Feel free to submit your own Stratoblogster experience along with a little something about yourselves.

First up, we hear from the Crawford Twins, Lloyd and Rroyd:

"Dear Stratoblogster,
My name is Rroyd Crawford. That's me on the left with the watch-- it's a Timex. When me and my brother first got on the internet, all we could do was look at them nekkid gurls. Then after a spell our small engin repair bizness took a nosedive. Then we stumbled onto Stratoblogster geetar blog. Since then, our ability to read is much better and we are getting to know more about culture.

Also, we are expanding our bizness empire to include 'The Relic Wrecking Yard', where we will take people's relic geetars and relic them some more. We think there's a call for that nowadays.
Lloyd will be doin the relic'in, and I'll be on the phones & web sight develuper. We hope it really takes off, and wanna thank Stratoblogster for all the help and inspirayshun!"

P.S. Me and Lloyd ain't perfict twins, bein's we wuz bornt 3 1/2 weeks apart. But we're perfict in most other ways, I reckon."

Stay tuned as we meet more Stratoblogster fans!


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