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Super-Vee- The Trem for Strat Shredders!

If your favorite guitar is a classic Strat-- but you still like to surf with the alien, the folks at Super-Vee have just the trem for you! The Super-Vee trem system directly replaces your stock Fender trem with no routing or drilling. This is a Floyd type design with a few important refinements. The locking nut is the most invasive component, as you'll need to remove the existing nut to install it (old nut can be reinstalled). Otherwise, the bridge hardware directly replaces the original parts.

Although a locking system like "Grampa Floyd"-- including the fine tuners, unlike the Floyd, you can adjust string height, plus it utilizes your standard Strat springs. A frictionless pivot point fulcrum design guarantees the unit always returns to zero position and doesn't wear out or require lubrication. The nut incorporates 2 string clamps instead of 6, and locks the strings at the nut in a way which doesn't make them go sharp.

The parts are machined to a sleek shape in order to compliment classic Stratocaster lines. The nut is a bit large, but very sleek as well, and may provide some sustain mass. The "V" emblem engraved into the nut face resembles the Fender Custom Shop logo-- nice touch. So think of it as a retro-esque hood ornament or a Custom Strat Continental Kit.

In summary, your prized classic Strat can easily be restored to stock-- while in the meantime, the Super-Vee allows you to safely dive bomb a la EVH & Satch without tuning issues and without having to play some ridiculous 80's big hair axe; so go crazy but look classy!

Why didn't Floyd think of this configuration?? Didn't wanna leave the beach I 'spose.

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