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Summer NAMM Sports Headgear


Nope, this isn't the new Billy Corgan Strat...

Modern Guitars features a cool Summer NAMM wrap up, with this photo. I actually discovered Helmet Guitars on page 202 of my July Premier Guitar rag, in a little b&w ad. I could be a proof reader-- I miss nothing!

Helmet's motto is "Practice & Play". The ad states: "Comes in 12 colors!
Built in amp (see speaker in ear hole... clever!)
Gig Bag
And More..."

More? Mouth guard, Jock Strap, cleats, steroids? What more do you need here?!

How 'bout a celebrity endorsement-- "O.J. Simpson says, 'Get your Helmet Guitar on... Or else I'll kill you!'"

Y'know, I have more than my fair share of new product ideas. And-- like the lazy bum that I am, I never pursue any of them. As for the Helmet Guitar- well- that's just another one I didn't dream up in time to forget. Maybe wearing a helmet in the first place prevents ideas like this. Doubtful that Fender and Gibson are in a bidding war to buy up this outfit. These guys are probably gonna have to punt.

Maybe "RELIC Helmet Guitars" could be just the gadget play necessary to really kick things off.
Tie in with NFL for merchandizing & distribution, team logo's, autographs, astro-turf pickguards, etc. These people need an agent. The Monday Night Football theme musicians could be playing these-- "Are You Ready for Some Helmet Guitars?! "SHOW ME THE MARKET!!"

If any Helmet folks read this roast, just know I wish you all the best, and seriously, try to work out something with NFL!

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