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Stratoblogster Meets Guitar Author Robb Lawrence!

(photo credit: Sean French - www.mylespaul.com)
No kidding! What are the odds??

Last Friday, while standing in line at the Amtrak train station in Seattle, I found myself right next to axe writer & connoisseur Robb Lawrence-- just heading home from a book tour promoting his latest- The Les Paul Legacy . Noticing my guitar case, Robb struck up a conversation with me. Boy! Am I ever glad I had my guitar along!

Unfortunately we only got to talk for about 15 minutes before I had to board my train, but it didn't take long to realize that Robb is a long standing guitar authority who pretty much knows everyone worth knowing. And before anyone ribs me for plugging a Les Paul book, just know that the former GP columnist is a major guitar collector across the boards, and has some serious 50's Strats of his own. Yes, 50's Strats-- one in particular which Eric Johnson is pestering him to part with.

Click Here for some juicy Strat history compiled by Robb.

All Les Paul fans should check out Robb's book, a classy presentation on the same calibre as Tom Wheeler's Stratocaster Chronicles...

And of course now, Robb is also hip to the Stratoblogster guitar blog (which he can peruse in moments of severe boredom).

Click Here for the official Gibson review on the book.
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