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Stratoblogster Guitar Blog Turns TWO Years Old !

This is an actual Strat-size CAKE made by Duff Goldman of the Food Network's "Ace of Cakes" program, and owner of Charm City Cakes in Baltimore. There's also a nasty looking devil's food Marshall stack on the website.

The first Stratoblogster "test" post was July 27, 2006, but our official opener was August 1, '06, complete with a video clip of Hendrix at Woodstock. Periodically I have to go back to replace that clip with another similar one, because those clips get removed at Youtube ( y'know sistah Janey's on the ball, but we love her just the same).

Early in the blog, I used to check all the vid clips for dead ones and promptly replace them. Now, at 870 posts, I don't do dat no more-- but we try to keep our maiden voyage clip working.

So, now I've been polluting the guitar blogosphere for 2 long years! Thanks to everyone who comes buy (500+ visits/day)! To you I can only say, GET A LIFE!

Why, this calls for a Snickers!

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