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Johnny Winter is MORE Alive and Well Lately

Yeah, Johnny Winter is not only Still Alive and Well-- he is even more so than he was for awhile.

This Summer has been a busy time for Winter who's currently touring in Europe. He's also been touring with Ringo Starr's band and recording on bro Edgar's next release Rebel Road as well.

Last year's GW article (re-published at www.livingbluesworld.com) reported the story about how Johnny's former manager was keeping Winter loaded with anti-depressants to the point where both his physical and mental health were in a severe & dangerous decline. That manager (now deceased) was stealing a lot of the money too.

Fortunately, Johnny's rhythm guitarist and current manager Paul Nelson, with the help of a physician, helped him get detoxed and back into the groove. Nowadays Johnny Winter couldn't be busier! It's good to have real friends-- Paul Nelson is a real "Guitar Hero's Hero"!

That's some GOOD news folks!!!

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