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Hiram Bullock - R.I.P.

I always debate running obituary pieces, but the 7/25 passing of Hiram Bullock deserves more attention. Yesterday, I happened to discover the fact via a myspace bulletin from Les July. Next, I Google News'd "Hiram Bullock" with an interesting result. The first 2 pages of results were in other languages. That's right, from Italy to Croatia to Belarus to Seoul, the passing of Hiram Bullock was quickly more noteworthy than in the USA.

JazzTimes.com now has some details up on Hiram.

Basically, Bullock was a well established session and solo guitarist who'd recorded & performed with tons of legendary artists. He was also the original guitarist in David Letterman's house band. One of Hiram's trademarks was his Strat with humbuckers in the bridge and neck positions.

A very cool musician who will be missed! Even in the USA.

Check this VIDEO.

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