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Doug Rappoport Releases 'Bionic' Solo Guitar Debut!

In a world top heavy with basement shred virtuoso's-- where the terms "Guitar Hero" and "Rock Star" have been subjugated to the virtual land of toy guitar controllers, a precious few REAL rockers still manage to transcend the B.S. And sorry, I ain't talkin' about Slash.

I also ain't talkin' about that Della Vega guy, from Brazil, who is doin' Bumblebee at 320 BPM on Youtube. Rock guitar isn't about sweeping and scaling up into the highest regions of your own colon in search of the ultimate Malmsteen-Govan guitar dude ranch experience.

And that's why my '08 Summer pick is Edgar Winter guitarist Doug Rappoport's solo debut "BIONIC". No kiddin'!

If Steve Vai ever got engine grime under his nails- if Eric Johnson ever had a serious hangover- if Joe Satriani ever got himself bitch-slapped by Billy Gibbons for just overdoing things... From somewhere in all that chaos would emerge a Doug Rappoport aka "DougE Rapps". Pretty fertile ground, I'd say.

With all the humor and imagination, less the novelty and specialization of say, Mike Keneally, TJ Helmerich or Gary Hoey-- BIONIC's broader appeal comes from the knuckle busting; blood, sweat & beers school of Jeff Beck & EVH, with touches of Brian May majestic tweakery and contempo in-yo-face, NOS cylinder boostitude.

And really, what do you want in YOUR latest guitar phenoms? Especially in 2008?!

But don't just take my word... Stop by www.myspace.com/dougrappoport for an ample sampling of nuggets you really oughta taste from start to finish, as there are surprises and flavor bursts around every corner. This has that classic party DNA you played air guitar to before the industrial revolution, but with all the latest options.

Rappoport actually should be in the film score zone a la Trevor Rabin.

BIONIC is currently available in download via:

iTunes, Rhapsody, NAPSTER & Lala


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