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What's Your Favorite Guitar Magazine?

Getting through my first issue of Premier Guitar magazine. Many of us probably took advantage of the free promo subscription via Jol at Guitar Guru.

Thanks again Jol!!!

I'm an old GP fan, and have stuck with them over the years. GW-- not so much, just depends. Vintage Guitar is cool for serious gear insight.

Actually there are a lot of guitar magazines these days.

Quite a few years back, Guitar Shop mag was around for a short time, but folded up. I loved that magazine and assumed they went away because they didn't run enough advertising. That mag was very low-clutter.

Nowadays I don't get any mags regularly because of the web, and the cost of mags today. Anyway, Premier Guitar is a pretty impressive rag, with lots of content for a monthly circulation! Plenty of ads too, but lots of interesting lines representing, besides just the same old mainstream Fender, Marshall, Ernie Ball & PRS spreads. Premier's rates must be quite a bit more forgiving than GP & GW's.

Artwork and page layout are top quality though!

The June '08 issue features lots of gear reviews, a Taylor factory tour, Lace tour, Leslie West interview and plenty more. Pretty hefty for one issue. Premier appears to be owned and published by musicians as well.

So I'm rating Premier Guitar a 9.3 out of 10, and say: "Look out GP!".

Any thoughts out there from others new to the Premier Guitar readership??

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