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A Strat for Friday #83 - Manne, Raven G6NT Mastergrade

Manne Raven Mastergrade Guitar(click image for better shots)

It's Friday already?!! Boy, do I ever feel like a slacker...

Manne Guitars is the creation of builder Andrea Ballarin in Northeastern Italy. When it comes to really bringing out the sex appeal in guitars, cars, etc., just leave it to the Italians. "Simple yet elegant" means that it doesn't necessarily take lots of inlay work, binding and clear coats to make an uptown stylin' guitar.

Today's model, Manne's Raven G6NT Mastergrade, features a hand rubbed satin burl poplar top
on a chambered korina body. Think about that for a moment. Just the look and idea of those body elements is getting me aroused. Bridge and tuners are Wilkinson, pickups are Manne's own-- although other options available. Notice the ultra clean headstock shape, AND that there are NO string trees! The headstock is angled even though the neck and headstock are one piece. Now that's going the extra mile!

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