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MOOG - Moving Over Onto Guitars ??


I know... this is already OLD news around the guitar/gear blogosphere. So read no further here-- just click on the photo for correct source info. on the Moog guitar. It's a cutie-- gorgeous headstock even. Kudos to Paul Vo & Moog!

OR, stick around for my philosophical twists about this one.

In Premier Guitar's June '08 Leslie West interview, the following quote had me scratching my head:

"Great tone is like pornography; you're not sure what it is, but you know it when you hear it."

Thanks to the new $6500.00 Moog guitar, I now understand West's statement. In fact, if former NY governor Elliot Spitzer were a guitar geek, he'd be all over this one! On-demand/infinite sustain certainly is another form of high-end escort servicing.

Back to the West interview-- the very next line is:

"I'm constantly working on my tone, both at home and on the road."

I guess this is where I sit. Unable to sacrifice 2 years worth of gasoline $$ for the ultimate thrill of infinite sustain, I'm just gonna have to stick with my plain jane guitar; for better or for worse, in sickness and in health, etc.

But seriously folks (uhh, not too serious), whaddaya think Moog's up to with this out of the blue and surprisingly analog offering to the ever tone-starved & sustain deficient "wannaviagra" guitar community? That's us, right?

Is this a buy-out bait appeal to Fender or Gibson? I mean, shouldn't a true robot guitar do more than just tune itself-- and does the VG Strat really have everything we want in a guitar? These are critical questions in a world of strife and change, such as ours today. Fender recently bought Kaman's music division, and JUST picked up Groove Tubes. Gibson has self-tuning guitars. Maybe Moog wants in on some of that juice.

No doubt, Moog has a top-quality libido enhancement product here, but who in Dubai is gonna buy 'em?

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