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Did Anyone Get Solidbodies, The 50 Year Guitar War?

I reviewed this film a little while back, but was wondering if anybody else out there bought and has watched it?

If you did, and you liked it, the film maker would love for you to post a review at Amazon. It seems that some jerk, who was sore because the DVD he recieved was defective (mine wasn't), decided to do a trash review at Amazon-- rating the film a "Garbage Product" and giving it a single star. Probably a low blood sugar issue...

The film maker actually contacted me, because of my positive blog about it. For an independent film maker & publisher, an ugly review on a site like Amazon makes a harsh impact.

Click the above image to visit the Amazon product page and post a decent review if you enjoyed the film. I liked it.

If my DVD had been defective, I wouldn't have let that carry over into trashing the film. Any defective disks are being replaced immediately. What more can they do?--sh@* happens.
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