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A Strat for Friday #82 - Custom Shop Hybrid Strato/Tele

Why not? Hey, Hybrids are in!

Currently listed at eBay by a seller in Madrid, Spain-- this is probably something many of us would do a triple take with before realizing. Morphing of the Fender DNA this way is actually not that unusual looking. Seems pretty natural to me. BTW, the headstock used was Strat, although I think they should've used a Tele head profile to harmonize with the body shape, especially since this really has a lot more Strat going on. Basically, they routed a Tele body for a Strat face, which isn't stepping out of the box that much if you think about it.

On the other hand, some purists may find this too disturbing, and perhaps not unlike the recent
"pregnant man" news story. But let's not go there...

Here's the listing scoop:
(notice the decimal in the price below. What a friggin' deal!!!)

"This guitar is a 'masterbuild' personal creation of the Fender Senior Master Luthier CHRIS FLEMING, one of the most famous of the Custom Shop and who has worked and works regularly for David Gilmore and Pete Townshend among others. It belongs to a limited edition of 100 guitars for the whole world, in a Closet Classic finish, and a compromise from Fender of never building again a guitar with this specifications.

It is a super special guitar, for those who always dreamt of having the best of both Fender worlds (strato and tele) in one guitar. Its price in the U.S.A. is $5.600 and the few ones that have come to Europe have been rapidly sold at prices much higher than the one we offer you now. This is one of those guitars that will remain beside the first owner for a lifetime, because it is an unique piece, in sound as well as aesthetically.

- Body: Alder
- Neck: Maple
- Fetboard: Rosewood
- Finish: Candy Apple Red Closet Classic
- Neck pickup: Fender '50 alnico handwired
- Center pickup: Fender '50 alnico handwired
- Bridge pickup: Fender '50 alnico handwired
- Controls: Vol (S1 swich)-Tone-Tone
- Bridge: Tremolo
Original hard case included + strap, lead, soft cloth, etc... the typical Fender Custom Shop accesories."

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