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A Strat for Friday #78 - Real '56 Sunburst Stratocaster

$44,500.00 is the asking price for this 1956 burst, currently listed at eBay Store:

Indigo-photo Fine Apparel and More
(I'm only gonna write that one time)

The current listing has all the breakdown photos and a huge description. That's a two-piece ash body folks-- just look at that grain, will ya! You can park a Harley between those rings! They don't make the wood like that no more. No sir!

Not a mere Custom Shop limited edition relic'd closet classic master built reissue. This is the real deal baby! The routing cavity could very well contain chunks of bologna sandwich sneezed by Leo himself while wiring it up just after lunch. It doesn't get any "realer" than that folks.

While you're visiting, be sure to also peruse the fine selection of Brooks Brothers suits-- "you'll get some leg tonight for sure. Tell us how you do!".

Yes. A genuine fine aged Strat and a fine suit. God almighty! On top of the world Ma!!

Any hedge fund managers out there?


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