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A Smile to Match Your Relic Guitar

Nowadays, many people who have quit smoking to pursue healthier lifestyles, find themselves faced with tar deficiency issues. Fortunately, now there's TARDENT Gum, a convenient and smokeless way to prevent tar deficiency and its sometimes tragic effects*.

And in addition to providing tar for good health & vitality, just look at what TARDENT does for your smile!

Many guitar players, in particular, are turning to TARDENT for a smile to match today's increasingly popular relic music gear trend. Guitar players know the importance of maintaining the right image, and many people look to them for inspiration and smart fashion sense. That's forward thinking!

Fender CS Ltd '63 Heavy Relic

Only TARDENT is made from natural organic La brea tar, the tar you can trust! So not only will you look great, but you'll also gain peace of mind, knowing TARDENT is an additive-free sustainable tar based chewing gum. Plus, TARDENT actually protects your teeth with a coating which resists sugar, acids and even road grit. Yes, even road grit.

So, if you didn't think you really needed the tar before, now there are several reasons why it just makes sense to put TARDENT Gum to work for you!

And for you guitar players, TARDENT's protection means that YOU can start playing with your teeth again without any fear! How much is that kind of freedom worth?!!

"Hey Joe! Where you goin' with that gum? TARDENT GUM that is!"

Disclaimer: *Negative effects of a tar-free lifestyle have not been determined. The FDA has yet to determine any health benefits of tar in human subjects, including guitar playing humans. Possible risks from ingesting tar are far too numerous to include. The makers of TARDENT (Toxema Brands, a subsidiary of Eligh Willy), take no responsiblity for risks and any damage to health resulting from use of this product. Guitar players are advised to follow a sensible diet plan, exercise regularly, maintain your gear and try to set a better example for society. Don't wait to ask your dentist if TARDENT is right for you. Just get some! You'll be glad you did!   
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