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Rickie Lee Jones' White Strat & Some Black Coffee

Rickie Lee Jones surviving a book store gig with a double espresso and a white Strat. Yes, God still has a sense of humor.

This is one for Simon Cowell.

I guess RLJ is an acquired taste. If due to some misadventure, you ever find yourself dangling by your fingernails from some 4th story window ledge, over stopped traffic and terrified pedestrians...

Just make like Rickie Lee and sing something.

Poetically enough, this tune is called "Falling Up". Imagine being hungover some Sunday morning and stumbling into your local Borders book store to this one. I'm actually a big RLJ fan, but this has me hangin' from my own window ledge wondering... no, dying to know the story behind it all. Everybody sing along!

Is that the Reagan biography facing out on the shelf behind her?

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