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Howie Simon's Shredded Strats

L.A. based shred master Howie Simon (orig. from Buffalo) plays some nasty lookin' distress-o-casters. Truth in Shredding blog also features a sweep lesson clip of Howie playing a light blue Strat with a severely deep fried maple neck. It's cool to see a shredder playing a relic'd Strat, as opposed to another ESP, Schecter, BC Rich or something resembling a medieval kitchen utensil.

The Strat in the above video appears to have seen service either in Iraq, a Carl's Jr. fryolator or an AAMCO Transmission center. That's "Double A-- HONK! HONK! -- MCO!".

EDITOR NOTE (later): No relic projects here! According to a message just in from Howie Simon, both aforementioned Strats are orig. '72 models. One he's owned for over 20 years, the other nearly that long. Howie informs me that the wear and tear on these guitars is naturally occurring. Both have been re-fretted, traveled around the world and soaked up a lot of climate and sweat. Very important to know!

Cary, if you're reading this-- how far are you gonna take that Tele neck??

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