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A Strat for Friday #76 - FCS Heavy Relic '59 Blonde

Heavy Relic Blonde Stratocaster
I just had to show this one from the back side. Looks like a Louisville Slugger that's been kept out in the back yard for a few summers. Why do they even bother with a trem cover anyway?

This one is currently listed at Metal Shop Music, a Fender Custom Shop Dealer. The ash body finished in "aged Nocaster Blonde" weighs in at a petite 7.4 lbs and sports white hand wound pups set in a black pickguard. And the front looks nearly as ________ as the back. Kinda reminds me of Faye Dunaway .

(Louisville Slugger or Faye Dunaway? I'm all over the place with this one.)

Stop by Metal Shop (while she's still there) for more pics of Faye, including the Custom Shop certs.

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