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SOLIDBODIES, The 50 Year Guitar War

Not all guitar film documentaries come from the UK after all!

SOLIDBODIES, The 50 Year Guitar War, an American production by Guy Hornbuckle, has just been released. The film focuses on the 50 year "Cold War" between the Fender Stratocaster and the Gibson Les Paul guitars, and the impact of those two instruments on music culture.

In spite of all the changes in the world, not even to mention the music & gear industries over the past few decades, those two guitars look the same as always. Just try going to a Chevy dealer to buy a 2008 Bel Air with fins! Few objects are as archetypal and iconic as these two guitars which have defined a large spectrum of modern guitar design and music culture. Strat fans and Les Paul fans alike can gain valuable perspectives and knowledge about why it is we prefer one over the other, or both.

But don't just take it from me. Visit www.solidbodiesthemovie.com for a very upscale taste of this remarkable epic film and what went into its production. I had the great pleasure of speaking with the film's creator at some length. Mr. Hornbuckle very generously shared his insights on collaborating with experts like George Gruhn, various top guitarists and authorities on the early years of Fender and Gibson, including Leo Fender's biographer.

This must-see film is now available on DVD at the above link.

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