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Man Stuffs Strat in His Pants and Gets Away?

Latest Strat news on the wire reports about a man who stole a Strat from a music store in Lewiston, Maine by stuffing it down his pants.

Store surveillance cameras reveal the act. Neither story I've seen online is actually clear as to whether the thief was apprehended or not OR whether he's been identified in the vid.

If this turns up on youtube, somebody please let me know ok!

Y'know a retail staff that doesn't notice a guy putting a guitar in his pants, needs more than a video surveillance system. Maybe for the same cost, they could get sensors for the store entrance.

Maybe store employees are in on it.

So now they've just gotta wait till the guy comes back for an amp. Imagine a Marshall stack in your pants. I can't, but who knows? I mean who knows? Who really knows?

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