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Films About The Stratocaster

There are a couple good documentaries about the Strat, maybe more. Rumor has it that someone is currently making another film in the UK.

Above is a clip from Ray Minhinnett's "Curves, Contours and Body Horns". Click Here for all parts of that film. It was made around '94, emphasizing the Strats' 40th Anniversary. Many great players are featured talking about the Strat, including George Harrison, who reveals he and John Lennon bought Strats for The Beatles' Rubber Soul album. The classic guitar parts in "Nowhere Man" feature George on a Strat.

More recently, the film "Strat-Masters" was released-- see previous post. Clips from that film are available HERE.
Even Will Ferrell co-starred with a Strat not too long ago.

If you're into Strats, you're sure to enjoy these vids! Make some popcorn kids!!

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