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Custom Shop's New Scallop Recipe a la Yngwie

Fender has had an Artist Series Yngwie Strat for awhile, but now they're kicking it up a notch with a special Custom Shop model. has a teaser page on it. Looks like they're doing a replica of Malmsteen's personal strat, complete with all the wear & tear elements. So we're probably looking at a limited run, premium priced, Guitar Center exclusive deal here.

IG from IG Blog tells me that one of these is making an appearance at this week's Dallas Guitar Show.

Although scalloped fretboards are mainly associated with neo-classical shred, I bet with a set of 13's, you could open up those Texas Flood-gates big time with one of these. Think about it...

I'd love some comment input from anyone with scalloped fretboard experience!
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