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British Crazy for Stratocaster Culture

Aside from the fact that two film documentaries about the Stratocaster were produced in the UK-- and a third is in the works (prev. post), it seems like the Brits have taken the Strat into their culture in general. Even Tony Blair once used a Strat to boost his ratings.

This week, in two British publications, Stratocaster guitar analogies were used in reviews of two completely different items. Things are being positioned with Strats to promote their coolness-- all sorts of things...

First this excerpt from Times Online:

"...My 1967 Airstream Overlander International is a caravan in the same way that a 1957 sunburst finish Fender Stratocaster is an electric guitar. Or a 56 Chevy Bel Air coupĂ© is a car. Or a Harley-Davidson Electra Glide is a motorbike. It is a 26ft piece of Americana, designed and built in an era of hopes and dreams when big – as in making it big in a big country – was beautiful..." (seems like this bloke is into American, period.)

Yeah, whenever I see an Airstream travel trailer, I immediately think of my Strat.

Next, from (reviewing the '08 Aston Martin DBS):

"...The engine is loosely based on that of the Vanquish (in this editor's opinion, one of the finest-sounding engines of all time). The DBS is an absolute symphony on wheels, the type of stuff you hear on your way to Heaven, a mixture of Stradivarius and Stratocaster..."

What else he was mixing?

Any comments from across the pond?
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