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Favorite Guitar Blog?


What makes for the best guitar blogs, and why?

Here are some of my top guitar blog picks, in random order:

Guitarz - An all time veteran guitar blog, with a huge archive to show for it, featuring a variety of guitar related content and opinion. G.L. probably has the longest running guitar blog online.

Truth in Shredding - The most content on the most over-the-top guitar players on earth. Tons of videos! This blog should win a "How to Overstuff a Blogspot Blog" award. It doesn't open very fast, but be patient, cuz the extensive content is worth it! Laurie Monk does BIG posts.

Electric-Guitar-Review - Just like it's called-- an easy to read and straight ahead product review blog. Good reviews on guitars and gear you need to know about. Top NAMM hi-lites too. Although Cary seems to have some sort of fetish for Eastwood guitars, and is perhaps too obviously a HUGE Gibson fan, you'll find lots of other gear well represented.

The Guitar Channel - Focus on progressive & fusion guitar players, releases and tour info.
Like myself, Rich is a big fan of Scott Henderson, Michael Landau, Alan Holdsworth and more gods. Yes, they are gods. If you wanna keep up with the guitar players that the best guitar players listen to, this is the blog to bookmark.

IG Blog - IG isn't short for "interested guitarist", but it could be. Ignacio runs IG Blog like Sam Malone ran Cheers. This blog is the corner bar or diner for guitar players searching for the meaning of life. Ig somehow manages to magically invite huge visitor commentary which regurgitates the issues of every guitar player's search for self-identity-- much like Mr. Creosote.
I should know, having been tricked into the last wafer a few times.

Guitar Guru - Hamer founder, Jol Dantzig is indeed a guitar guru-- and a guitar blogger to boot! With decades of guitar industry savvy and anecdotes, Jol's blog is a must destination. Discover the history of guitar trends and personalities from a builder's point of view. Also get a first hand look at what Jol and his crew of merry luthiers are up to lately, as he takes you through his newest projects. Smell the exotic wood & lacquer right through the monitor!

Building the Ergonomic Guitar - Robert runs a specialized blog for players and builders interested in taking guitar design out of the box. A higher purpose lies in addressing the issues some guitarists face with repetitive stress injury (RSI) and tendonitis, along with back & shoulder problems. In addition to the wellness aspects, it's also a great luthier's blog.

The Online-Discussion Network - Though not actually a blog, this site contains active discussion/forums for some of the best guitar players, i.e. Jeff Beck, Scott Henderson, Hendrix, SRV, Guthrie Govan, etc, etc, etc. These forums are well moderated, with intelligent participation, providing enormous insights about top players, their technique and their gear. A refreshing departure from forums with endless discussion about who "sucks" and who doesn't.

DIY Guitarist - Also not a blog, this site is a huge resource for DIY projects. If you're into building your own effects, or need guitar & amp modding ideas, this site is extensive.

While many guitar blogs come and go, these seem like they're gonna stick around well into the apocalypse. With guitar mags at $6 a pop, you can get a good cross section of guitar culture and useful info. online from guitar blogs like these.

What are your favorite guitar blogs & why?
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