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Warning to Guitar Players: Gripmaster + Steroids = Disaster!

In my continuing quest to determine effectiveness of the Gripmaster for guitarist enhancement, I've stumbled upon the strange case of a man who combined an intensive Gripmaster routine with excessive steroid intake.

Evidently, too fervent an effort to overcome typical barre chording challenges resulted in some slight developmental over-compensation.

Even though we have to hand it to this guy for his persistance and hard work, ya just gotta know when to let it go!

Truthfully speaking (as always), the road to optimum hand strength and conditioning includes keeping that fretting hand RELAXED! You're not gonna move up and down the neck quickly if you're putting a death grip on every chord across all six strings. So, be fluid and only fret the strings that need fretting.

Don't let things get out of hand! Steroids are for baseball players, not guitar players!
(photo & REAL story: www.neatorama.com)

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