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A Strat for Friday #69 - Harry J's Swamp Ash Strat

Veteran player & guitar teacher Harry Jacobson's killer website: www.harryj.net includes a great rundown on the man's ultra sweet gear inventory.

Harry's Swamp Ash Strat sports 2.6 lb. Warmoth chambered two piece body, birdseye neck, hardware by Gotoh & Callaham, and DiMarzio Virtual Vintage pups. The finish is all nitro.

Harry's gear pages include audio clips, schematics and general background with build credits. (You might wanna check out what those two additional switches are about.) Believe me, he has some great stuff. Also check out the lacewood Strat and the custom Thinline.

Jacobson's teaching gigs include Workshop Live, one of the better online interactive video guitar instruction sites.

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