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Happy Birthday Terri !!!

February 21st is the birthday of my niece Terri. Every 2/21 we always wish Terri a "Happy Cinco de Mayo". Perhaps you're wondering why... As well you should.

You see, somehow Terri was able to duck out of taking that federally mandated semester of high school Spanish. And for a long time, she was able to slip and slide through life with only the faint beacon of our English language to light her way through the perils and pratfalls of culture on our North American continent.

That is, until one bleak and forboding February 21, where at a particularly festive and ornate Mexican restaurant, a sizable gathering of family and friends were assembled to celebrate Terri's birthday. Upon arriving and witnessing the anxious throng of well wishers, Terri glanced around from those present, and on to the restaurant's most cheerful, colorful & hospitable ambiance-- only to boldly exclaim for all to hear:

"Wow! What is it, Cinco de Mayo?"

Obviously, it was at that very instant that Terri's dark and painful secret ultimately revealed itself to one and all. That's right, "No se habla espanol Senorita Terricita!".

So in honor of that muy momentous occasion, on every February 21st we wish Terri a "Happy Cinco de Mayo!"-- and on May 5th, we try to remember to wish her a "Happy Birthday!".

Note: Our video presentation is brought to you by Pancho's Cantina of Dallas, Texas, who's house mariachi band is made possible through the magic of robotics. Yep, every set is as great as the last!
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