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Are Relic Acoustic Guitars on the Horizon?

Summit Entertainment/Samson Films
I happened to catch the Academy Awards/Oscars, and saw this guy (Glen Hansard) playing a totally trashed Takamine acoustic.

This guitar makes Willie Nelson's axe look almost new . has the full story, and you can also click on an enlarged photo there, for the full gaping view. The indie film "Once", about an Irish street musician- played by Hansard, did really well at the Oscars. This was a film made in a couple weeks for about $100K, with a couple handy-cam's. Pretty good!

I haven't seen it yet, but really dug when Oscars' host John Stewart brought Once co-star Marketa Irglova back up on stage to give what was possibly the best & most sincere speech of the night. She was brought back up because the stupid Oscar music cue had cut her off earlier. Nice of them!

Hansard & Iglova performed a tune from the film- on the Oscars, with that guitar.

Maybe we'll see the relic/aged guitar craze move into the acoustic realm.

We shall see. I'm sure some will dread this-- though others may dread it naught...

Video Clip (from Today Show)

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