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Metasonix Tube Amp Goes Over the Top


I just couldn't resist another one from NAMM Oddities.

Note: Image inverted for your protection.

Metasonix introduced this $5K monstrosity, handmade with tender loving care, utilizing genuine vintage NOS tubes, and soothingly named the F#@KING F%&*@R!

This is what happens when you combine serious tube geekosity and WWF style marketing with: two words...
Energy Drinks!

That's right, my theory is that the folks at Metasonix are heavily into severe energy drinkage. I'd even venture to say that the chassis' of these amps are fabricated from all the melted down Red Bull and Rock Star cans these guys expend.

The secret might just be in the guarana spiked electrolytic capacitors. Click the image for full dosage effect, and ask your doctor if this amp is right for you (your accountant too!).

Anybody own one of these or know someone who does? I got's to know!

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