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Two Led Zeppelin Tickets for $170,000.00

That's right, you read right!

They oughta slide him a couple t-shirts with the deal as well!

Reuters/London reports about Kenneth Donell, a Glasgow man, who just spent 83K pounds ($170K) for a pair of tickets to Led Zeppelin's Dec. 10 reunion show-- their only reunion show. It was a charity auction, so Mr. Donell obviously has broader philanthropic purposes than simply buying a stairway to heaven for himself and a friend. Wonder if he also drives a hybrid?

With only one show for this Zep tour, those geezers had better not cancel, especially for Donell's sake! This show was already postponed once, due to Jimmy Page's broken finger. I hope the levee was saved. It's gotta take a whole lotta love to put together a one show reunion tour!

The finger is expected to be out of re-hab and in top condition by 12/10. Then the boys can re-retire just in time for the holidays.

Cryin' won't help ya, prayin' won't do ya no good...

(so get a t-shirt anyway)
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