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Strat-o-Brother: Michael Landau

Michael Landau is a "guitar player's-player" who's been around a long time. He would have been featured here sooner, but I've been waiting for this particular performance video, from an April '07 Germany gig to pop into existence. Actually, that's not true. Landau is so late to Stratoblogster, because I've basically had my head up my a#@. Yep!

Landau's session history shares similar associations as fellow session icons Larry Carlton, Robben Ford & Steve Lukather. He's like a West Coast combination of Scofield meets Jeff Beck, with some crazed uncle of Scott Henderson thrown in.

This type of hybrid- hide the pick/fingers technique is the real deal kids! You won't learn this on your Guitar Hero controller. Like Henderson, Landau plays Suhr guitars. So, pay real close attention to uncle Mike as you behold our feature video for today. Somethin' to ponder about when pluggin' in this weekend-- yeah, ya still gotta plug in this weekend.

The Kirk95 Discussions site has a great Landau forum, where you can discover more about Mike, his gear and culture. Also, check the interview at AbtractLogix. Another place to keep up with Michael Landau and other progressive guitar legends is The Guitar Channel blog.
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