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A Strat for Friday #60 - John English, Thinline Stratocaster

John English Thinline Swamp ash Strat
"Dear Santa,

If you bring me this Strat, you won't need to ever bring me anything else again. This is all I'll ever need for the rest of my life. Just this Strat... oh, and my thermos. That's all I need. Please!

Your Friend,

This Masterbuilt Strat by the late John English is currently for sale by high rated eBay gear seller HunterHailey. Here's the scoop from the seller:

"Fender Custom Shop Master Built One Of A Kind John English "Thinline" Stratocaster.

This is an incredible hand-made work of Art by the Late Great Fender Custom Shop Senior Masterbuilder John English. Johns legendary guitars are highly regarded as the best of the best from Fenders Original John Page Era Custom Shop"Dream Factory" ! The attention to detail on this guitar is nothing short of AMAZING and its playability second to none. The serial number of this magnificent instrument is 05 indicating that this is the fifth guitar John English hand-made after being certified Fender Custom Shop"Masterbuilder"! This very guitar is featured on the www.strat-central website. The large majority of Fender Masterbuilt guitars made are standard (less time consuming)Vintage reissues, and only once in a great while will the Fender brass give a builder the freedom to create whatever they'd like to express making these Custom Art guitars extremely rare!! This one-off guitar is an irreplacable piece of Fender history and John English's legacy and you will never see another....

BODY: Lightweight Swamp Ash Thinline Body with Tremolo. Fender Custom Shop label in soundhole with John's signature. date completed, and serial number.

NECK: Large C shape Maple neck / Fingerboard featuring tortoise binding and fret marker inlays with John English Masterbuilt Logo in gold on the rear of headstock.

HARDWARE: All Gold w / Vintage style Bridge, Vintage Kluson style tuners, Tortoise shell pickguard / rear cover .

ELECTRONICS: Standard Stratocaster layout with hand wound Abigale Yabarra pickups... make no mistake as beautiful as this guitar is, its no wall hanger...Its an incredible playing, extremely versatile TONE MACHINE!

CONDITION: Near MINT with original COA, case, and case candy.

This is a unique, once in a lifetime opportunity; to own one of the finest Fender Masterbuilt guitars ever made!
Please ask all questions before hitting the BIN or making an offer ~!


Thanks for Looking !!"

Get over there and look at the pics while it's posted!
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