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Steve Vai 30 Hour Guitar Workout

Have you called Jenny... err, Steve yet?

Guitar Blog ring member From the Woodshed provides helpful posts on sharpening those guitar chops. A current series of posts on the "Steve Vai 30 Hour Guitar Workout" is featured.

As we try to put Thanksgiving behind us (bad pun) and get through the holidays still to come, it's good to have a program to help us stay in shape...

"And to keep you playing at your best, Steve is also including a FREE one week's supply of his delicious 'Flavored Nations Whammy Nutrition Bars'!"

Personally, I recently gained a firmer, sexier & tighter lower end after switching to DR Strings MH-10's (10, 13, 17, 28, 38, 50). This heavy bottom config. is really making a difference.

Musician's Friend has pretty good deals on most string brands. Just enter "DR MH-10" into their search.
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