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Sol Philcox: HOT American Roots & Blues From the UK!

17 year old Brit, Sol Philcox, is as influenced by Brent Mason, Danny Gatton & Brad Paisley as he is by Hendrix & SRV.

Tom from The Stagemaster Project, was kind enough to send me this youtube link.

And of course, young Philcox has a myspace site (link below) loaded with great tunes and promises of more tunes coming. As I mentioned in a recent post on Davy Knowles of Back Door Slam, the British Invasion hasn't ended yet. And in grand British Invasion tradition, these kids are serving up the rootsiest American guitar riffage there is, especially Sol Philcox, who may very well be Stratoblogster's hottest Young Guitar Wonders find yet!

Check out the finger pickin' and pedal steel bends in "Toad Rag" (also on youtube). Must see to believe! Another tune called "Face in the Dark", is a mean Blues where he does this really cool Blues harp style bend-- you'll know what I mean when you hear it. Who does that??! Why, a young British lad, that's who!

Go figure...

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