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Got Ta Have It! Got Ta Have It! That's My Bottom Line!

Here's a fine product from around the globe, sure to be a dandy stocking stuffer this holiday season! Pay close attention now.

From manufacturer's description:

To be serious, we are not sure whether it will become the New Standard of Future Guitar. No Strings, Built-in Speaker, IN & OUT Media Ports, Volume Controls, Pre-Loaded 10 Songs, etc. The Air Guitar PRO is using Infrared Ray to replace tranditional strings. SEVEN Buttons on the Guitar Front NecK from "C, D, E, F, G, A, & B". FOUR Buttons on the side of the Guitor Neck to represent "Major, Minor, Augmented & Diminished". You just Press the correct keys and "Swing" your finger below the guitar, Sounds come out. With the IN / OUT Media Ports, you can Plug in your Music Player (iPod, MP3 Player, etc) and Headphone, Enjoy your guitar playing everywhere you want, in the toilet, bath tube, office, travel in the train....etc. AND, Just Put more concentration on swinging the Air Guitar & Your Boby!!"

Besides the nifty video, I think the well detailed description above pretty much spells it like it is!

thanks to Thumbrella!

What do you want from life? To be serious...
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