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Cole Citrenbaum - Young Guitar Wonder

Cole Citrenbaum joins the Stratoblogster Young Guitar Wonder family. And amazingly, the above photo contains two other previously featured YGW's. So, someone out there is on the same track as I am. Cole (second from left in red shirt) stands next to Grant Austin Taylor - holding the natural Strat w/white pickguard. Fredrik Strand Halland is at far right holding the surf green Tele. I haven't ID'd the other two guys, but I will.

Who's puttin' these guys together?? Fredrik lives in friggin' Norway!

Cole is 12 years old. His myspace features tunes and videos, including a vid jamming onstage with Jonny Lang. Better check out his stuff. Oh yeah, these guys are all connected on myspace too. Back in January 07, I started the Young Guitar Wonders directory and referred to this phenomenon as the "Voodoo Children-- the next phase of the South Saturn Delta Force".

I discovered Cole via Sam Stone, a 14 year old SoCal actor and singer who recently stopped by to comment here. Thanks Sam!

Look out world!!!

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