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Allan Holdsworth & Local NewsTalking Head 'Jazz Guy'

I can't quit laughing at how baffled Allan Holdsworth seems that this super-hip news anchor and his bubble headed sidekick expect Holdsworth to know the whereabouts of Jack Bruce. When they press him about it, Allan says Bruce "moves around a lot...", in a most literal manner as if to say, "Yeah, Jack just got back from the supermarket, and now he went to use the bathroom... Later he'll be out on the porch..."

Holdsworth should have said, "How should I know? Why don't you send your bloody news helicopters to find Jack?!"

Laurie Monk at Truth in Shredding explained to me a few months back about Holdsworth's "Yorkshireman" personality. That Yorkshire contrast against a KUSI, San Diego TV news personality "Mister Jazz Guy" is friggin' priceless. "Twenty years, playin' jazz...". Who loves ya baby?

Video found at The Guitar Channel

Anyone out there know where Jack Bruce is???

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