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King Bee Guitars- Little Old Guitar Shop from Texas

aged custom vintage style guitars

Note: King Bee Guitars is formerly ABC Relic Guitars.

As the relic regalia keeps on rollin', we're happy to add King Bee Guitars to our Stratoblogster Relic Directory. This Lufkin, Texas based relic meister will build you a complete guitar, just how you want it, but also sells necks, bodies and a full range of aged parts and components.

I'm lovin' the green tinged discoloration on this seafoam S-type. I can almost smell the "old" just looking at it.

King Bee's Louis Varkadoz, has that Texas way of describing things too--

"...The Nitrocellulose Lacquer finish has been "yellowed" with my secret recipe to ensure authenticity. The 100% Made in Texas Rio Grande pickups have exactly what it takes to push your tubes into pure overdrive goodness. Look at the attention to detail on this pickguard and vintage tremolo...If you're still sittin' on the dock of the bay just come on in - the water's fine!"

(click on image for better pics)

You can tell that Louis will be deep frying his own turkey out in the driveway this Thanksgiving.

Check 'em out folks!
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