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Strat-o-Brother Davy Knowles of Back Door Slam

The classic British Invasion never ends, I guess. At age 20, singer-guitarist Davy Knowles is young enough to be Clapton's son-- perhaps grandson even. Britain's Back Door Slam is a Blues Rock power trio in the classic sense. These guys have been touring the US quite a bit recently. Knowles gets some great Hendrix & Clapton tones on his Strat, and is able to reach further back than SRV for inspiration and influences; he even cites Rory Gallagher.

I love this quote from a recent Boston Herald review:

“I got a chance to see Kenny Wayne Shepherd recently,” said Knowles, “and he was brilliant. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a far better guitar player than I am. But it was just kind of like seeing Stevie Ray Vaughan. What I want to do is develop my own style in my playing and writing.”

And Davy Knowles can sing too! The lads hail from the Britain's sleepy Isle of Man, where they joke, there was nothing else to do but start playing music together. Here's a video interview done by KINK FM in Portland Oregon.

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