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A Strat for Friday #54 - 1954 Strat

David Gilmour owned Fender Strat ser# 0001photo: www.gilmourish.com

David Gilmour owns this 1954 Strat, ser# 0001. You can read about it at the Gilmour blog --Gilmourish.com

As '54 was the first year for the Stratocaster, you're looking at the first official Strat. Fender had earlier prototypes and in-house Strats, but this one got the first serial number. The guy who sold this to David Gilmour bought it from Seymour Duncan in the late 70's for $900! Oh well, that's nice to know...

You can view lots of other original '54's at the following links:

James V. Roy (pbase.com)

Fender's 50th Anniversary line included a '54 Custom Shop Reissue-- and currently Fender's Thin Skin line includes a Vintage '54 production model which goes for about the same cost as an Eric Johnson Artist model.

Fender Custom Shop Current Listings

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