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SRV Strat Model Relic DIY Tutorial to the Rescue!

(photo: www.srvguitar.com)
The folks at SRVguitar.com offer relic-ing instructions for converting your Fender SRV "reproduction" into a real SRV #1 looking Strat.

A recent blog post at Mojo Train about SRV's "Number One" started the gears in my skull to grinding-- a terrible grinding sound...

Isn't it strange how Fender, in it's relic marketing frenzy, has ignored the very guitar responsible for the relic craze? The production SRV model has nary a ding, scuff, check or scratch. In fact, it's encased, entombed and mummified in Polyurethane so as to NEVER wear out naturally in the manner of the original nitrocellulose finished #1. Polyurethane also reduces the resonance and tone to that of a lucite clad bowling pin. Last I heard, SRV was all about TONE.

Kinda reminds ya of those fake food displays in Asian restaurant windows.

Fender produces boatloads of Thin Skin, Nitro finish reissues and relic models, but are missing the boat with the SRV model.

The irony here has me climbing the walls! In fact, at this very moment my laptop is velcro'd to the ceiling just so I can get through the post. I also have duct tape wrapped around my head, just in case. Anyone out there willing to pay the greens fees at Camelback should track somebody down and give 'em a clue on this one for the rest of us.

Fortunately, in the meantime, thanks to resources like SRVguitar & Relic Deluxe, you can finish the job yourself.

Additional Resources:

wonderhowto.com also features a cool video series on building your own SRV Strat.

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