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GP's GH07 Top 3 Winners Ain't Shredders?

"Get them shredders in a circle and herd 'em on back to the cubicles!"

In a surprising twang swang of the pendulum, this year's Guitar Player Magazine Guitar Hero competition was won and dominated by country- psychobilly twang-caster types.

The winner was Ladd Smith, followed by Les Robot and Danny B. Harvey. I've been familiar with Harvey for awhile, a real retro Duane Eddy type. Cool beans!

I guess enough was enough, especially considering that the panel of judges included: Joe Satriani, Steve Lukather, Nuno Bettencourt, Greg Howe and Mike Varney! These guys have walked through more shred ether and lived to tell about it than most anyone, except maybe Yngwie & Paul Gilbert (coming to the '08 panel with Rachel Ray?).

'06 Winner Trey Alexander (kind of a shredder) was on hand to perform -- wonder how that went?

Prior to the competition, GP editor Michael Molenda was commenting about how "the same old, same old" is not gonna cut it. Now wasn't this result a contextual twist!

Modern Guitars Magazine has a big feature about it, including lots of pics and interview stuff. GPTV may have some video soon. Not sure how that's gonna work. They may be releasing a DVD for your purchase enjoyment. Youtube has nada, and probably won't ever with that new filtering stuff onboard.

The last word...

IG Blog's recent pre-judging post and commentary fortold and hoped for a change of the guard.
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