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Fender to Reproduce 235 SRV 'Lenny' Strat Guitars

SRV Lenny Stratocaster

SRV Playing Lenny Strat(photo:www.stratcollector.com)
Stevie Ray Vaughan with "Lenny" guitar.

A DallasNews.com article just reported Fender will be producing 250* "Lenny" Strats, to be available December 12th, at $17K each. Like last November's Eric Clapton "Blackie" reproductions, the Lenny will incorporate all the marks and wear patterns of the original.

*Clarification. The Dallas News article reported 250 in error. 185 will be available for USA, with an additional 50 export units-- 235 total.


This article doesn't confirm as to whether Guitar Center will be the exclusive dealer, but it's pretty safe to assume this will be the case as GC owns the original. Duh. (Yes, the Fender link above confirms GUITAR CENTER).

Funny, just last week I was ranting about Fender's current Artist Series SRV Strat*, and why it should be an SRV "#1" relic model (see post).

I predict these Lenny models will sell even faster than the Blackie and easily flip for more in the collector market. People love Clapton, but the SRV crowd out there measures "12" on the 1-10 intensity meter scale. They love their Stevie Ray.

So sell your boat and your Harley, bring the Visa Card and claim a camping spot in front of the nearest Guitar Center by Thanksgiving.

I'm gonna be there myself on 12/12, if only to watch the show.

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