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Earliest SRV Video? Anything Before May 1980?

October 3 (tomorrow) is Stevie Ray's birthday. In preparation of this observance, we feature an early video of May 11, 1980. If I have all the right math, SRV was 25 when this was taped.
Albuquerque based audio-video producer John Cline posted this video on Youtube and provides the following description:

"Steve Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble at the first "Tornado Jam" in Lubbock, Texas - May 11, 1980. As far as I know, this is the earliest video of Stevie Ray. The audio is horrible because I was using a camera mic and it overloaded severely due to the volume of Stevie's amps."

Preceding Tommy Shannon on bass, this Double Trouble line up included Jackie Newhouse on bass and a young, zesty looking Chris Layton on drums. Did I just say "zesty"? And speaking of zesty, how 'bout old "Number One"-- donning more finish than we're used to seeing!

Also, as we remember SRV, let's look straight ahead to our Young Guitar Wonders picking up the torch. Specifically, check out:

Dusty Ciggaar
Grant Austin Taylor
Fredrik Strand Halland

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