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Chris Watson's Zen Powered Stratocaster Bicycle Road Show

(photo: Jon Austria)
I featured a random web photo of this guy a long time ago, but never knew anything about him.

Roseburg, Oregon's Chris Watson has logged about 20,000 miles with his Strat and Schwinn. Chris keeps the two together; riding and jamming wherever he goes, with a Pignose amp bungied to the rear fender.

Roseburg's NewsReview online features the Chris Watson story, complete with video at the end of the article.

This seems to be a Zen thing for Chris, who says:

“...If I get a good song going, I can go for miles. And that’s part of the reason I can go for so long, is that because my mind is on the music and I’m not even paying attention to my body...”

I would have been squashed by a logging truck long ago, so let's just hope that the Roseburg drivers pay attention to Chris' body! You gotta read the article for more choice nuggets from Chris-- like the one about the leprechauns. Yep, there's leprechauns involved too.

Chris is a pretty interesting guy, as his website indicates. Just another guy and his Strat.


That's right folks! The fun never ends!!
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