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Chris Cain Bends Like Albert, Sings Like BB

I just discovered Chris Cain recently. This post obviously isn't about Strats, but sometimes pure bitchin' guitar playing transcends most everything in sight. Although this video couldn't have ended at a worse point, Mr. Cain tosses a loaf and a fish here to feed multitudes. This guy could make a garden rake sound good.

Chris is fan of Music Man amps, specifically the RD 112 100w. Check Here for current Music Man eBay listings.

While we're puttin' on our Friday Blues shoes, also check this VIDEO of Chris Cain trading licks with amazing harpist Cole Fonseca, who is currently on the comeback, recovering from a severe car accident from which he was basically flat lining. But it seems Cole wasn't ready to go yet. www.chriscain.cc

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