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Billy Gibbons IS A STRAT-O-BROTHER!!!

(photo credit: David Munoz)

Three RARE items:

1) Billy Gibbons with a STRAT!!!
2) Missing cheap sunglasses.
3) Shirt tail out-- not sharp dressed...

Found this at VirtualLubbock.com from a jam night at Stubb's BBQ in Austin, TX. A great place to eat, no doubt. I have a theory that the Rev. also patronizes the Outback Steakhouse for fresh headgear from their Bloomin' Onion burn bin. So next time you're at an Outback, just say, "Burn me a hat like Billy G's!".

Some other guitar player wears a KFC bucket. I'm partial to Happy Meal boxes, since you get a toy with it. Just toss the "food" part, and ya got instant headgear, with an action figure to boot, all for under $5.

Click Here for the real story of Billy's hat!

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