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Typical Green Guitar From an Imaginary Western...

Meet the Jackson "Zoraxe".

I found this at Thumbrella. Notice how everyone's getting ready for Halloween. Now, I really don't know anything about the Jackson Zoraxe. Haven't done any follow-up research or even visited the Jackson website.

What does one really want to know about the Zoraxe? I mean really? Is it a production model you can get at Guitar Center or was it custom made for Kim Jong il?

Actually it can be anything you want. So I made up my own little cinematic adventure to compensate for how little I care to know of the actual Zoraxe conception process.

Picture if you will...

A cowboy bar in Amarillo. The typical cowboy bar with the typical cowboy bar band and cowboy bar patrons. Except for one thing. The typical cowboy bar band guitar player is playing the Zoraxe. But amazingly, nobody seems to notice anything unusual. So yes, it's just a typical Friday night in Amarillo at the cowboy bar. Any Amarillo readers are free to chime in a comment. Rod Serling is standing over in the corner smoking Kent micronite filters with Carl from Slingblade-- "That Doyle is in a bad way tonight, urhuh."

Ok, so anyway somewhere mid a typical rendering of Guitars & Cadillacs, the guitar player collapses on stage. As everyone gathers around, the Zoraxe morphs into a Telecaster, and a little Zoraxe rips forth from the guitarist's chest turning into a large bowl of guacomole. At the same time, the guitar player's body dries up and fragments into a basket of tortilla chips. Those anti-oxident rich blue tortilla chips they get from Austin.

And once more the beer flows, and the dance floor becomes a boot scootin' frenzy. Just another typical Friday night in an Amarillo cowboy bar. I'm just sayin...

It could happen!
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