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Stratoblogster's Relic Guitar Philosophy

Sept. 10, 2007
I know I'm into another one of my relic blogging binges again. Maybe it'll help me lose weight...

Here's the crux of my biscuit:

I have a love-hate relationship with the whole relic thing, so somewhere in the middle it becomes a funny topic. The relic craze timeline, in my observation, starts with Rory Gallagher's Strat and Jaco's bass on EARLY GP covers, followed by the worn condition of some of SRV's guitars, then a story about Keef Richards ordering a bunch of new Teles from Fender for a 90's tour (Steel Wheels, Voodoo Lounge or Bridges to Babylon??) and wanting them bashed up first (things started getting funny at that point). In my observation, those elements started the relic ball rolling. Next, we saw Kenny Wayne Shepherd with a new Strat, distressed similar to something of SRV's; the advent of Fender's "Relic" series, right? Then the whole Fender-Clapton-Guitar Center Blackie reissue run from last year, finally hit my tilt switch. My Blackie spin was that at $20K each, they were destined for the walls of Hard Rock Cafe themed Orthodontist office reception areas.

The love-hate exists because we know Jaco & SRV really wore their stuff out, but little Kenny Wayne and Blackie reissues represent the faux cookie cutter commercial side. Keef is simply Keef, and therefor entitled to Keef matching accessorization. On the other hand, young fresh faces with distressed guitars-- or Dockers, polo shirt wearing, middle class cul de sac dwelling, Blues-Rock legend wannabes, don't seem deserving of such faded & scarred glory.

As a twist, somebody recently told me about an early Pink Floyd concert video, where David Gilmour's Strat had been hastily touched up so as not to look so worn.

We all long to be part of the great allness of allness. Even Stratoblogster. Guitar culture has a strong position in life, for which I'm grateful. But seriously folks...

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