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A Strat for Friday #51- James Tyler SE Burning Water, Hollow Body

This wild James Tyler Studio Elite is currently listed at Chris's Premier Guitar & Pawn - an eBay Store with high positive feedback. Tyler's "Burning Water" finish adorns a hollow alder body, equipped with Wilky VS50V, Sperzels, Tyler's own single pups and a Duncan JB Trembucker. Notice the natural section at top left-- I'm calling this one "Psychorelic".

The merchant says it's mint, that he bought it new from Wildwood Guitars six months ago and lists the ser#. Maybe it's time to sell the boat and go psychorelic!

I've featured Tyler guitars before. This is real boutique gourmet stuff, although I'm not a big fan of their headstock... my opinion. Just noticed they're re-doing their website, so be sure to check the James Tyler link above and be sure to check the pages about their hollow body design. Similar to Warmoth but not totally.

Chris is also listing a Soldano head and a '67 Fender Twin that look interesting.

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